Best Sex Quotation Marks And Adages To Spark The Magnetism Between The Couple


Best Sex Quotation Marks And Adages To Spark The Magnetism Between The Couple:

So You Are Incisive For A Sex Citation That Will Make Your Mind Dashing With Unusual Contemplations? Look No Additional!

In This Editorial You Will Learn:

Some Effective Sex Quotes  & Some Bawdy And Dirty Quotes


Dilapidated Of 30 Best Sex Quotes Yet

Sex-Cite 1

  1. “Roses Are Red. Violets Are Blue. I’m Utilizing My Hand However I’m Considering You.”

– Author Obscure

  1. “Everything On The Planet Is About Sex With The Exception Of Sex. Sex Is About Power.”

– Oscar Wilde

  1. “I Don’t Have A Grimy Personality; I Have An Attractive Creative Ability.”

– Author Obscure

  1. “Sex Is Feeling In Movement.”

– Mae West

  1. “Sex Without Adoration Is Only Solid Work Out.”

– Robert A. Heinlein

Sex-Cite 2

  1. “I Don’t Have The Foggiest Idea About The Question, Yet Sex Is Certainly The Reply.”

– Woody Allen

  1. “Ladies Require Motivation To Engage In Sexual Relations. Men Simply Require A Place.”

– Billy Crystal

  1. “My Significant Other Is A Sex Protest. Each Time I Request Sex, She Questions.”

– Les Dawson

  1. “Life Resembles Sex, You Can Either Lie Back And Let It Screw You Or You Can Get On Top And Ride The Hellfire Out Of It.”

– Author Obscure

  1. “The Best Things In Life Make You Sweat-Soaked.”

– Author Obscure

Sex-Cite 3

  1. “I Know A Man Who Surrendered Smoking, Drinking, Sex, And Rich Nourishment. He Was Sound Straight Up To The Day He Killed Himself.”

– Johnny Carson

  1. “I Recollect The First Occasion When I Had Intercourse — I Kept The Receipt.”

– Graucho Marx

  1. “We Have Motivation To Trust That Man Initially Strolled Upright To Free His Hands For Masturbation.”

– Lily Tomlin

  1. “Sex Is Not The Reply. Sex Is The Issue. “Yes” Is The Reply.”

– Swami X

  1. “I Think We Can All Concur That Resting Around Is An Awesome Approach To Meet Individuals.”

– Chelsea Handler

Sex-Cite 4

  1. “On The Off Chance That You Need To Get Laid, Set Off For College. In The Event That You Need An Instruction, Go To The Library.”

– Frank Zappa

  1. “Sex Between A Man And A Lady Can Be Totally Magnificent – If You Get Between The Correct Man And The Correct Lady.”

– Woody Allen

  1. “Keep In Mind, Sex Resembles A Chinese Supper. It Ain’t Over ‘Til You Both Get Your Treat.”

– Alec Baldwin

  1. “Nourishment Resembles Sex. When You Go Without, Even The Most Noticeably Awful Stuff Starts To Look Great.”

– Beth Mccollister

  1. “Without Precedent For History, Sex Is More Risky Than The Cigarette A Short Time Later.”

– Jay Leno

Sex-Cite 5

  1. “Sex Resembles Cash; Just An Excess Of It Is Sufficient.”

– John Updike

  1. “I Think I Could Fall Frantically In Bed With You.”

– Author Obscure

  1. “I Am Continually Searching For Important One-Night Stands.”

– Dudley Moore

  1. “Love Is A Dessert Sundae, With All The Superb Covers. Sex Is The Cherry On Top.”

– Jimmy Dean

  1. “You Realize That Look That Ladies Get When They Need To Engage In Sexual Relations? Me Not One Or The Other.”

– Steve Martin

Sex-Cite 6

  1. “Skiing Is Superior To Sex Really, In Light Of The Fact That For Me A Decent Round Of Sex May Be Seven Minutes. Skiing You Can Accomplish For Seven Hours.”

– Spalding Gray

  1. “What Men Craving Is A Virgin Who Is A Prostitute.”

– Edward Dahlberg

  1. “Kissing – And I Mean Like, Yummy, Smacking Kissing – Is The Most Flavorful, Most Delightful And Energetic Thing That Two Individuals Can Do, Without Exception. Superior To Anything Sex, No Doubt.”

– Drew Barrymore

  1. “Great Sex Resembles Great Extension. On The Off Chance That You Don’t Have A Decent Accomplice, You Would Be Advised To Have A Decent Hand.”

– Mae West

  1. “The Enormous Distinction Between Sex For Cash And Sex For Nothing Is That Sex For Cash For The Most Part Costs Significantly Less.”

– Brendan Behan

Recompense: Some Filthy And Raunchy Quotes To Make Your Juices Flow


Mucky Quote-1

  1. “Genuine Men Don’t Wear Pink. They Eat It!”
  2. “It Might Be Between Your Legs, Yet It Has A Place With Me. Get It?”
Filthy Quote-2
  1. “Openly, You Are His Princess. In Private, You Are His Messy Young Lady.”
  2. “Eyes On Me, Infant. Continuously On Me!”
  3. “Push Me Up Against The Divider And Do Grimy Things To Me.”
  4. “I Need To Fuck You Like You’ve Never Been Fucked, To Abandon You Not Able To Think, Just Feel And Be Lost At The Time, To Lose Yourself And Achieve Climaxes More Than Ever.”
  5. “I Licked It, So It Is Mine!”
  6. “Punish Me. It’s The Main Way I Learn.”
  7. “Pardon Me For Being Too Forward Yet Your Lips Make Me Ponder What Whatever Is Left Of You Would Suggest A Flavor Like.”
  8. “Try Not To Resist The Urge To Panic. Rip My Garments Off, Turn Me Around, Get My Hair And Fuck Me Like You Despise Me!”
Mucky Quote-3
  1. “I Need You To Taste Me On Your Fingers.”
  2. “Hold Me Tight And Fuck Me Right.”
  3. “Your Face Look Better Between My Legs!”
  4. “I Pledge To You I Won’t Stop Until Your Legs Are Shaking And The Neighbors Know My Name!”
  5. “I Won’t State It Twice. Strip Down And Get On Your Knees. At This Moment!”
Messy Quote-4
  1. “I Adore The Way You Fuck Me.”
  2. “Kiss My Neck, Nibble Me, Pull My Hair, Follow My Spine, Hold Me Down, Utilize Your Tongue, Make Me Groan, Don’t Stop Till I Am Shaking!”
  3. “Be Delicate With Me, Be Sweet And Kind. Gracious Hellfire!! Who Am I Joking? Flip Me Over, Ride My Butt And Draw My Hair!!!”
  4. “What’s The Distinction Between Being HUNGRY And Being HORNY? It Is The Place You Put Your Cucumber!”
  5. “Let Me Know I Am Your Whore!”


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