Testosterone, Sexual and Other Tongkat Ali Benefits


Testosterone, Sexual and Other Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali is theorized to trigger an enzyme in the testes to produce more testosterone by converting pregnenolone precursors into androgens, possibly through the effects of luteinizing hormone. It’s also been said to stop the negative feedback loop that would normally shut down this increased production.

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What’s highly significant is that Tongkat Ali works through three of the mechanisms needed to ensure hormonal health in men.

  1. Restore testosterone levels.
  2. Anti-estrogenic by lowering aromatase.
  3. Lowers SHBG.

These are three of the main difficulties in hormones and Tongkat Ali does it all. In addition this root has been shown to:

  • Boost several parameters of sexual performance, including erectile function, hardness, performance, and satisfaction.
  • Increases Sperm Production and Motility.
  • Enhance strength and muscle.
  • Enhance mood and quality of life.
  • Increased muscle mass and strength, decreased fat.
  • Inhibit NF-kB.

Some of the active constituents include eurycomaosides, quassinoid compounds, eurycolactones, eurycomalactones, eurycomanone, eurypeptides, glycosaponins and pasakbumin-B. A specific molecule known as 9-hydroxycanthin-6-one has been associated with increasing erectile strength and delaying ejaculation.

In Malaysia, in addition to the sexual performance and hormonal benefits, Tongkat Ali has been used for rheumatism, dysentery, and malaria.

Source: https://supermanherbs.com/tongkat-ali/


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