What Is The Importance Of Ingredients Present In Penis Enlargement Capsules?


What Is The Importance Of Ingredients Present In Penis Enlargement Capsules?

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L:Arginine: Plays A Major Role In Sexual Function As The Precursor For The Production Of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide (No) Is A Key Biological Mediator Of Erection And Arousal In Humans, Through Its Effects On Smooth Muscles And Blood Vessels And Helps In Penis Enlargement.

Panax Ginseng: Is Also Alleged To Have Aphrodisiac Traits. Ginseng’s Role In Tongkat Ali Penis Enlargement Capsules, However, May Be Due To Its Promotion Of No Release Through Enhancement Of The No Synthesis Enzyme.

Ginkgo Biloba: Has Been Used For Centuries In Support Of Blood Circulation And Mental Focus. It Has Also Been Shown, In And Of Itself, To Help Promote Sexual Function, Particularly Among Patients On Antidepressants.

Apart From, Ginkgo, Like Ginseng, Motivates No Release Through No Synthase, Signifying The Chance Of Synergism In The Combination Of L:Arginine, Ginseng And Ginkgo.

Vitamins A, C And E– Are Included As Antioxidants That Protect Cells From Free Radical Damage. These Vitamins Are Also Involved In Reproductive Processes.

The B-Vitamins: Are Significant To The Functions Of Hundreds Of Enzymes And Hold Up A Wide Variety Of Physiologic Processes Including Energy Metabolism, Neurologic Function And Dna Synthesis.

Selenium: Plays A Major Role In The Control Of Oxygen Metabolism, Supports Antioxidant And Immune Defenses And Is Involved In Reproductive Function.

Zinc : Is Significant For Many Physiologic Processes, Together With Protein, Cell Growth And Nucleic Acid Synthesis, Immune Defenses, Fertility, Prostate Health And Reproduction Also Helps In Penis Enlargement.

As Should Be Obvious From The Impressive List Of Specialized Ingredients, They Will Help You To Increase Your Sex Drive And Stamina, Drastically Increase Your Blood Flow To Assist Getting Rock Hard And Long Lasting Erections And Increase The Amount Of Semen Your Body Produces For Much More Intense Orgasms. In Other Words… Not Only Will You Enjoy Sex Every Time, You’ll Have The Ability To Totally Satisfy Your Partner.

Safed Musli Has Very Good Ayurvedic Medicinal Use And Known As Best Herb For Secual And Penis Enlargement Benefits.. It Is Rich Source Of Over 25 Alkaloids, Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Steroid, Seponins And Polysaccharides Etc.

A Number Of Health Tonics (Sexual Tonics) Are Prepared From Safed Musli. It Is Essential Part Of A Traditional Diet Of Mothers (After Delivery) In The Form Of Laddoos. Endeavors In Countries Like USA And England Are Also On To Convert It Into Chips To Use It As A Nutritious Breakfast. Then Again, Safed Musli Is A Safe And Effective Penis Enlargement Capsules, With Similar Benefits And Without Any Side-Effects.

Safed Musli Is A Traditional Medicinal Plant. Its Tubers Roots Are Used In Ayurvedic Penis Enlargement Capsules. Roots Are Used For The Groundwork Of Nutritive Tonic Used In General Sexual Weakness. There Is A Vast Demand Of Safed Musli All Over The World.

Tongkat Ali Penis Enlargement Capsules Formula

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Tongkat Ali Penis Enlargement Capsules Is Available In Pack Of 30, 60 And 90 Capsules.
Two Capsules A Day.
One In Morning After Breakfast And One At Night After Dinner With Full Glass Of Water.


  • Asgandh – Winter Cherry.
  • Satawar – Asparaqus.
  • Beheman Surkh – Salivahaemotodes.
  • Beheman Safeed – Salivahaemotodes.
  • Aqar Qarah – Pelittory Root Pyrethrum.
  • Singhara – Gprus Taberosus Medows.
  • Kaunch – Spaisinosha.
  • Musli Safeed – Murcannnia Seapiflora.
  • Tukhme Tamar Hindi – Tramina.
  • Beejband – Sida Cardif Seeds.
  • Taalmakhhana – Steecanthe.
  • Zeera Safeed – Carum.
  • Tudri Surkh – Wall Flovar.
  • Aspand – Senko Pignum , Harmal.
  • Saras – Black Paper.
  • Filfil Siyah – Black Peper.
  • Kalunji – Black Cumin.
  • Mallkangni – Staff Tree.
  • Daar Cheeni – Cinnamomum.
  • Barhami – Bacopa Monnieri
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